27 March 2018

In the SAM format, the “X” and “=” CIGAR operators were not part of the original spec. Nonetheless, they were among the first several features added after the initial release of the spec. I was resistant to this feature for several reasons. First, CIGAR describes alignment, but sequence matches and mismatches are not indispensable properties of alignment. Second, for this reason, most older alignment formats did not distinguish sequence matches and mismatches, either. When we convert from other formats to SAM, it is non-trivial to generate “X” and “=”. Third, an “X” does not tell us the mismatching base. Its application is limited in practice. In the end, I still added “X” and “=” to the spec in response to the request of several important users. However, I have to say I regret the decision.

There was also a fourth reason: before X/=, there was the “MD” tag, which encodes mismatching bases in addition to positions. “MD” was in the original spec. The motivation was to reconstruct the reference subsequence in the alignment. I learned the idea from a variant of the Eland format used internally at Illumina. However, because at that time Eland didn’t do gapped alignment, the Illumina version of MD was unable to encode gaps, so I introduced “^”, representing deleted sequences from the reference.

Something unexpected happened down the road, though. Without “^”, we could represent adjacent mismatches simply with two letters like “AC”. With “^”, there was an ambiguity like “^AC” - is it 2bp deletion, or 1bp deletion followed by a mismatch? To resolve this issue, we changed MD to require a zero before each mismatch like “^A0C”. It was an oversight.

There is a bigger problem with “MD”: it is too complicated to use. We have to keep track of MD, CIGAR and query string at the same time to generate the reference string. I thought to use it a few times, but was stopped by the complexity. I have never used this tag until very recently, with a lot of efforts.

This is why in minimap2, I came up with a new custom tag “cs”. It encodes CIGAR and both query and target sequence differences, such that we can parse all information from one string. It greatly simplifies code. “cs” is also critical to the PAF format that doesn’t store query sequences. I firmly believe “cs” is “MD” done right.

In reality, though, something better is not necessarily more popular. “cs” came too late. I even don’t know if it will become a standard tag in SAM. Minimap2 will keep using “cs” anyway as PAF is an important part of minimap2.

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